Yasunori Nakamura


Yasunori Nakamura (born 1945) received his BSc, MSc, and DSc from the University of Tokyo (UT) in 1969, 1971, and 1974, respectively. Through the work with photosynthetic carbon metabolism in green algae at Isotope Center of UT, for 12 years, he experienced a wide range of biochemical approaches. Then in 1986, he moved to the National Institute of Agrobiological Resources as a chief researcher at Tsukuba, and started his studies on starch biosynthesis in rice endosperm. He became Professor of Akita Prefectural University (APU) in 2000. Since then to present, even after retirement of APU at 2013, he has continued these studies as Emeritus Professor of APU. His current interests involve the initiation of starch biosynthesis and the distinct fine structure of amylopectin. He has also built a research basis referred to as Akita Natural Science Laboratory in his home to concentrate on starch and other science fields.

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