Check Samples

The AACC International Check Sample Program was introduced in 1948, when the association recognized the need for a service by which laboratories could check their procedures and test results on a regular basis.

The program began by focusing on cereal-based laboratories but has since expanded to include diverse food-related laboratories worldwide. We offer a variety of check samples pertaining to analyses of current interest that enable laboratories to:

  • Verify laboratory equipment operation
  • Monitor the use of correct analytical techniques by laboratory personnel
  • Verify the reliability of contract laboratories
  • Ensure the accuracy of labeling information
  • Identify opportunities to improve laboratory quality

Check Sample Information

We offer various check samples to meet diverse laboratory needs including an analytical series, physical testing series, and food quality and safety series. A description of the check samples offered within each of these series can be found here.

Check sample fees vary depending upon the nature of the analytical procedures involved, the frequency, the statistical analyses and the subscribers’ location.

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