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Influence of Certain Flour Quality Parameters and Postmilling Treatments on Size of Angel Food and High-Ratio White Layer Cakes.

C. S. Gaines and J. R. Donelson. Copyright 1985 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Heights of angel food cakes from 23 Allis-Chalmers laboratory-milled, Miag laboratory-milled, and commercially milled cake patent flours were not statistically correlated with high-ratio white layer cake volume, MacMichael viscosity, alkaline water retention capacity, protein, or ash contents. Milling method, pin-milling, turbo-milling, starch addition, and flour chlorination all influenced angel food cake height and/or white layer cake volume. Postmilling cake flour treatments usually reduce particle size and increase starch damage. In this study improvement of white layer cake volume and angel food cake height resulted from reduction of flour particle size rather than increased starch damage. It appears that angel food cake flour must be chlorinated to exhibit significant improvement in cake size from postmilling particle size reduction.

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