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Fermentation of Water Ferments and Bread Quality.

K. Kulp, H. Chung, M. A. Martinez- Anaya, and W. Doerry. Copyright 1985 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Fermentation of water liquid ferments of formulated white pan bread with 0-0.5% (total flour basis) buffer was investigated in regard to rates, effects on yeast activity, and bread quality. Titratable acidity, pH, glucose, frustose, and ethanol were determined, of which fructose, glucose, and ethanol were good indices of yeast metabolism. Breads produced using the liquid ferments were of good quality regardless of the buffer level present in the ferment. Experiments with compressed yeast subjected to various treatments (soaking, fermentation at different acidities) demonstrated benefits of fermentation for yeast activity. Levels of residual sugars were higher in liquid ferment breads than in conventional sponge/dough breads.

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