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Changes in Peroxidase Activity and Peroxidase Isozyme Patterns of Wheat During Kernel Growth and Maturation.

J. E. Kruger and D. E. LaBerge. Copyright 1974 by the American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc. 

Peroxidase activities in whole and dissected parts of hard red spring and amber durum wheat kernels were determined at various stages of kernel growth and maturation. o-Dianisidine was used as hydrogen donor for the assay. Peroxidase activity was formed early in kernel development and resided largely in the pericarp and green layers. With further kernel development, these enzymes decreased and peroxidases in the other tissues slowly appeared. Polyacrylamide-slab electrophoresis with 3-amino-9-ethyl carbazole as hydrogen donor indicated that up to 12 peroxidase enzymes were present in immature wheat kernels and were located in different anatomical parts of the kernel. Changes in intensities of the various isozymes throughout development reflected quantitative changes in peroxidase in the various tissues.

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