Consultant Members

The Cereals & Grains Association Consultant Directory is a compilation of Cereals & Grains Association members who have indicated they are a consultant or work for a consultant company. Consultant members are listed alphabetically by last name.

The information is reproduced here as provided by the individuals themselves. Cereals & Grains Association accepts no responsibility other than for accurate reproduction within preset constraints.

Rick A. Aberle, XIM Group LLC
Franco Antoniazzi
William A. Atwell
Michael T. Bakhoum, Bakery R&D Consulting Inc
Lynn S. Bates, Alteca Ltd
Donald B. Bechtel, Bechtel Consulting
Charles I Beck
Sumana Bell, SCBM COnsulting
Robert K. Bequette
Daniel P. Berg, Covance Laboratories
Harry J. Bergstrom
Eric Bertoft, Bertoft Solutions
Arthur D. Bettge, ADB Wheat Consulting
Jim Breslin, Process Partners Inc
Anne R. Bridges, AACC Intl
Francis F. Busta, University of Minnesota
Alejandro Bustamante Muriel, Sr., Eng.
Gloria B. Cagampang, 3A Consulting LLC
Rosemarie B. Campbell
Stanley P. Cauvain, BakeTran
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As a benefit of Cereals & Grains Association membership, a hyperlink to full contact information is available for all Cereals & Grains Association members on this listing. Please note: You must be logged in as an Cereals & Grains Association member to access. If a name above is not hyperlinked it indicates the individual is not a current Cereals & Grains Association member.

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