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collapse Chemical Leavening Agents Committee
Chair: Robert G. Berube, Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Member: Cindy G. Alosco
Member: Diana Baker, Budenheim USA Inc
Member: Sharon L. Book, ICL Food Specialties
Member: N'Jere English, Prayon Inc
Member: Siobhan Foley, Kudos Blends Ltd
Member: Joyce Yue Liao, Tyson
Member: W.D. Alfred Lin, Gilster Mary Lee Corp
Member: Nita Livvix, Clabber Girl Corp
Member: E.B. (Elizabeth) L. Russell, DuPont
Member: Laurie L. Scheffers, Griffith Foods, Inc.
Member: Jesse Stinson, Corbion Caravan
Member: Supriya Varma, PepsiCo

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