Board of Directors

Maureen C. Olewnik
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

Maureen Olewnik has been a key leader at AIB International and recently moved to consulting on strategic leadership in innovation for regulatory affairs and grain-based foods. At AIB Maureen served as principal, innovation and industry affairs, defining strategic direction for development of products and services. Maureen started at AIB as a cereal chemist studying the biochemical components of wheat. She held various positions of increasing responsibility, culminating in the position of vice president, research and technical services, with oversight of work on ingredient interactions, rheology, product development, and food labeling. Subsequent to that, Maureen served as senior vice president, food safety services, with oversight of food safety activities worldwide. Maureen has been an active member of AACCI, participating in all phases of the association, including the Cereal Chemistry Board of Associate Editors; Milling and Baking Division (chair); Bread Baking Methods Committee (co-chair); Milling and Baking Division Board of Directors; AACCI Check Sample Committee (chair); and, most recently, AACCI director and member of the Scientific Advisory Board. In 2012, Maureen was presented the William F. Geddes Memorial Award. Maureen has published several peer-reviewed and industry articles and book chapters and presents often at trade association and technical meetings on baking and food safety topics.

Chair of the Board
Laura M. Hansen
General Mills
Golden Valley, MN

Laura M. Hansen is a Sr. Principal Scientist at General Mills where she works in the long-term corporate research area focused on grain based technologies. Over the past twenty-five years, she has had multiple roles and responsibilities primarily in the area of flour and dough technology. She joined Pillsbury as a product development scientist in the refrigerated dough area and then Bakeries and Foodservice Division where she led scientists and supported many customer specific projects. Laura obtained a B.S. from the University of Oregon, and a M.S. and PH.D from Kansas State in Food Science and Nutrition. She has been an active member in AACC since joining in 1984. Activities at the National AACC Level include: Treasurer, Director, Annual Program Technical Chair (Montreal, 2002), Secretary, Centennial Planning Committee, ICC-AACCI Membership Working Group, Nominations Committee, Foundation Board, New Products Task Force, Professional Development Panel and Rheology Division Secretary, Chair-Elect and Chair, and she has taught sections of the short course on Rheology and Baked Product Texture. Activities within AACC at the local level include: NW Section Secretary, Chair-Elect and Chair, and NW Section Newsletter Coordinator.

Dave L. Braun
Bunge Milling Division
Arlington, OH

Dave Braun is account manager at Bunge Milling and has been employed in the flour milling industry for more than 37 years. Dave has worked in sales, marketing, business development, quality assurance, and various flour mill positions. Dave earned a B.S. degree in business administration and an MBA from the University of Findlay in Findlay, OH. Dave has been an active member of AACC International since joining in 1995. He is the current AACCI treasurer, the Finance Committee chair, and a Foundation Board member. Previously, Dave has held positions as chair, treasurer, secretary, and advisory board member for the Milling and Baking Division and as program chair for the Milling and Baking Spring Technical Conference. He has also held positions as chair, treasurer, and secretary for the Cincinnati Section. Dave has been a strong supporter of the Student Division, has served as a judge for the Student Product Development Competition, and is assisting with outreach development to bring new members to AACCI. Dave is an active member in a number of other professional and community-based organizations as well.

Lauren Renee Brewer
General Mills
Minneapolis, MN

Lauren Brewer is a Senior Scientist, developing the Hot Foods pipeline for Convenience & Foodservice at General Mills. She has worked for General Mills for over five years in various bakery applications and within the Natural and Organic sector. Lauren first attended an AACCI event as an invited speaker in an emerging technologies session on imaging near infrared spectroscopy at the 2008 annual meeting; shortly after she joined AACCI and has activity participated since joining the organization. Lauren has served as the chair of the Northwest section and Technical Program Chair. Within AACCI, Lauren also sits on the Foundation Board and acts as the Professional Development Panel chair. Lauren's professional interests include the possibilities of grains for future generations of scientists, coaching students and early career professionals, and interdisciplinary approaches to research.

Anne M. Birkett
Kellogg Co.
Battle Creek, MI

Anne Birkett is Senior Director of Global and USA Nutrition Science for the Kellogg Company, operating within the Research, Quality, Nutrition and Technology Department based in Battle Creek, Michigan. She has worked for the Kellogg Company for 6 years, where her responsibilities primarily involve management of the nutrition science and research program to provide a solid scientific evidence base to enable global food and nutrition innovation, support regional claims and messaging, and support government affairs and corporate communications functions. Anne represents the Kellogg Company externally in various research and industry organizations dedicated to nutrition and food sciences; she is currently AACCI Nutrition Division Chair, ILSI Carbohydrate Committee Vice-Chair, and is a member of IFT and nutrition societies in the USA, Australia and the UK. Additionally she is a reviewer for several nutrition and food science journals. She has a PhD, MHN and BSc Hons in Nutrition Science, and a BSc in Biological Sciences from Deakin University in Australia. She has 26 years of experience across industry, government and university settings; prior to joining Kellogg, she has worked for Corn Products and National Starch (now Ingredion), Food Science Australia (now CSIRO) and Deakin University. Anne’s research interests include the role of grain based foods in health and their contribution to meeting nutrient goals, with specific interest in fibers, starches and whole grains.

Christophe M. Courtin
KU Leuven

Christophe Courtin is a professor of food biochemistry at the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Leuven, Belgium. His research focuses on cereals, cereal nonstarch carbohydrates, the enzymes that degrade them, and yeast. The emphasis is on a basic understanding of the properties of these components, as well as on their technological and health functionality in cereal-based processes and products, using, among others, molecular biology as a tool. Christophe is an author or co-author of more than 180 peer-reviewed publications and is a co-inventor on 10 patents (applications). He has collaborated with a large number of international partners within EU Framework Programs 4, 5, 6, and 7. He teaches at both the bachelor and master levels and is chair of the alumni organization of his faculty.

Diane L. Gannon
Diane Gannon, LLC
Perrysburg, OH

Diane Gannon graduated from The Ohio State University College of Agriculture with a degree in food science and technology. Her professional pathway and passion in the food processing industry kept directing her toward wheat, wheat milling, and analytical testing. Her career in cereals began with creating quality systems, quality testing methods, and flour mill vendor approval for Mountain Top Frozen pies in Columbus, OH. She went on to serve Nabisco in Toledo, OH, for 29 years as their flour mill quality systems and laboratory manager. She provided leadership in the company's Flour Performance Task Force and the Kraft Flour Optimization Teams, serving as coordinator for local research activities to develop quality processes and analytical testing programs to support business needs. In addition, Diane partnered with Nabisco's procurement and research groups to identify wheat cultivars and understand how their functional components could be optimized to meet the business needs of the Nabisco Toledo flour mill and grain procurement. Diane is named as a coinventor of two patented processes for fine-ground whole wheat flour. Diane currently serves the food industry as a technical resource through her consulting business, with a focus on wheat flour functionality, quality systems for milling and baking operations, and analytical testing to support those systems. She has cochaired the AACCI Soft Wheat and Flour Products Committee for the past five years, served as the AACCI Cincinnati Section president, and assisted the USDA Soft Wheat Quality Laboratory in Wooster, OH, as an industry liaison with Kraft Foods and Nabisco.

Daniel Morin
T. Marzetti Company
Columbus, OH

Daniel Morin is the Director Grain & Dough at Lancaster Colony, parent of T. Marzetti Company and is responsible for developing, directing, and driving product strategies to support existing and future base business objectives. For nearly 20 years of specializing in the development of innovative bakery products and snacks, he has achieved extraordinary success in all areas of product development/innovation. He has a strong knowledge of the food industry (Canada, USA, Mexico), manufacturing environments (Milling & Bakery), and multiple sales and distribution systems; worked with internal plants as well as co-manufacturers. His innovative products won multiply awards in different categories from consumer and customer votes.

Martin G. Scanlon
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB

Martin Scanlon is associate dean (research) in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. He obtained a B.S. degree at the University of Leeds in England and stayed on to obtain a Ph.D. degree in food science, investigating fracture phenomena in the milling process, and joined AACC as a student. As a postdoctoral fellow Martin worked with Dr. Jim Dexter on starch damage in roller milling at the Canadian Grain Commission and with Dr. Walter Bushuk at the University of Manitoba. He returned to England as head of the Milling Section at the Flour Milling & Baking Research Association in Chorleywood. Since joining the Department of Food Science at the University of Manitoba, he has researched the properties of food materials, particularly cereal-based materials, and how those properties change during processing. A research study leave was spent working for Pillsbury at Imperial College in London, England. With students and collaborators, Martin is an author of more than 240 publications. Within AACCI, he is serving as an associate editor for Cereal Chemistry, is chair of Award Jury 2, and is a member of the Physical Testing Methods Technical Committee and the Publications Panel; he co-edited with Grant Campbell and Leo Pyle the AACCI book, Bubbles in Food 2: Novelty, Health and Luxury. Martin has served in various positions on the executive board of the AACCI Rheology Division and was awarded the George W. Scott Blair Award for cereal rheology research. He also has served as an evaluator in the AACCI Best Student Research Paper Competition.

Glen L. Weaver
Ardent Mills
Omaha, NE

Glen has spent the past 43 years in the grain processing industry with ConAgra Mills and Ardent Mills. His educational background has been in Food Science. He has been engaged in Quality, Food Safety, Technical Services and most recently Genetics. The focus has been on creating effective Public/Private relationships to develop value for the customer and consumer.

Student Representative, Ex-Officio Non-Voting
Anna M. R. Hayes
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

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