Foundation Funds

The current purpose of the Cereals & Grains Association Foundation is to support student and early career engagement programs for the Association and any other special activities that meet Association objectives but which are outside the normal operating budget of the Association.

General Endowment

  • Cereals & Grains Association Endowment Fund - Established in 1990, the general endowment supports annual programming that aligns with the purpose of the Foundation, but may not be covered by other existing funds. An example of programs that have been included are the annual meeting Student Travel Awards, reduced registration rates for students at our annual meetings, new programs which support students and early career professionals, the Best Student Research Paper Competition, and more.

Undergraduate Scholarship Program

  • Tate & Lyle Scholarship Fund - Supports an annual undergraduate scholarship, permanently endowed since 1990
  • Kraft Academic Scholarship Fund - Supports an annual undergraduate scholarship, permanently endowed since 1992.

Graduate Fellowship Program

  • Charles Becker Endowment - Supports an annual graduate fellowship, permanently endowed since 2001.
  • Kellogg Co. R&D Fellowship Fund - Supports an annual graduate fellowship, permanently endowed since 2007.

Early Career Scientists

Cereals & Grains Association FOUNDATION

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