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Continuing Education offered through Cereals & Grains Association offers relevant, engaging and high quality science
from top-notch professional industry experts. Throughout the year, various programs are held
around the world to provide a platform for education on areas of cereal grain science. 

We develop courses that will meet the varied needs of scientists and professionals in a variety
of roles throughout the cereal grain science industry. Following are some resources you may find helpful.


Business Storytelling - As introduced at Cereals & Grains 18, London, UK

Business Storytelling is an advanced communication skill. It takes training and practice to master and effectively use stories in your work. Some conference attendees delved into building these skills through a three-phase approach:

  1. Mine for Story Gems
  2. Develop Plot and Meaning
  3. Polish with Salient Details

In Phase 1, Mining for Stories, participants looked for “story gems.” Story gems are raw story ideas” that have the potential to be developed into a story. Look for human angles about your research and technical projects. Four pathways to find story gems are:

  • Inventor’s journey
  • People who helped you
  • People who benefit from your work
  • How your work fits into the global food system

Use the story prompts on this worksheet to find story gems and then explore the deeper meaning and applications to your research/work.

For an example of how to use this 3-Phase Process to turn a story gem into a compelling tale, we’ve applied it to Kathy Wiemer’s experience about developing the Cheerios HH claim in the 90s. You can use the blank worksheet here to develop one of your story gems into a Cereal Story.

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