Cereals & Grains Association Job Center


Simple. Targeted. Relevant.

Tired of searching through hundreds of random job postings
to find your next opportunity? Looking through too many online
resumes that don’t meet your basic criteria?

Your search is about to become a whole lot easier…

The new Cereals & Grains Association Job Center is the best targeted tool available for bringing job seekers and employers in the field together. This searchable, international database of jobs and candidates is designed specifically for those in the grain-based food industry and cereal science fields. The service is open to members and nonmembers alike, ensuring the broadest potential audience.

  • Find targeted opportunities.
  • Post your resume anonymously.
  • Create job alerts.
  • Easily post your jobs.
  • Search the resume bank.
  • Receive Cereals & Grains Association member 20% discount.

Special Member Offer! Cereals & Grains Association members receive 20% off any of the job posting fees. A special code is needed to apply the discount, check your recent News Capsule or call the Cereals & Grains Association job center coordinator at +1.651.454.7250 for your member code and redeem it today!

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