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As industry issues arise, AACCI strives to provide science-based approaches and responses to address current needs. The extensive membership base provides the creative and scientific strength to quickly react and bring together experts on issues at-hand.

Through its activities in methods validation, AACCI is acknowledged as a scientific authority when proposing definitions and providing comments to regulatory agencies worldwide. Key AACCI definitions and related activities such as comments or guidance submitted to regulatory agencies are provided for your reference in this section of AACCnet:

AACCI is regularly monitoring and determining necessary regulatory responses for cereal science. It was granted observer status with Codex, which ensures that AACCI representatives are in attendance at relevant meetings such as those of the Codex Committee for Methods of Analysis and Sampling and that AACCI member comments are recognized. The AACCI membership is informed of the latest updates and new definitions once approved by AACCI.

Common Supplier Survey

Help set our industry’s standard! The Common Supplier Survey, developed by the AACCI Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Committee, is a single comprehensive survey based on the best practices across a broad range of surveys and food segmentations. This will be a free resource to manufactures allowing them to fill out one survey to supply to all customers—eliminating redundancy and wasted time. Currently, iCiX is considering adopting the Common Supplier Survey for their exchange platform. Please review the common supplier survey. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact the AACCI Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Committee.

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