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Cereals & Grains Association has long been a resource for technical information and a pipeline for presenting breakthrough research. To continue this vital tradition, and to focus on the core of the organization, Cereals & Grains Association is dedicated to its vision to be the leading global science-based facilitator in the areas of cereal grain science and its applications.

To increase the quality of research and satisfy the diverse needs of members, Cereals & Grains Association has developed four Science Focus platforms to align the association around top priorities for the cereal grain community.

Science Focus 2015-2018

  • Fostering research on Health Benefits of Grain and Components
  • Promoting Sustainability and Benefits of Grain Consumption
  • Supporting Quality, Food Safety & Regulatory Considerations
  • Providing Transparent and Proactive Science Based Communication

Science Focus Background

Fostering research on Health Benefits of Grain and Components

  • Nutritional benefits of grain consumption
  • Functional and nutritional benefits of grain components (e.g. dietary fibre, bioactive components and phyto-nutrients)
  • Alternative proteins
  • Microbiome (leveraging grains in gut health)

Promoting Sustainability and Benefits of Grain Consumption

  • Resource demands (e.g. carbon footprint, water usage, maximizing available acreage)
  • More robust cultivation of grains (e.g. good grain supply)
  • Plant proteins
  • Genetics and identity preservation (e.g. consumer facing benefits)

Supporting Quality, Food Safety & Regulatory

  • Appropriate standards and limits (impact, potential cost, tolerance level practicality)
  • Regulation determinations, definitions and guidance (e.g. GMO, Natural, Organic)
  • Food contaminants (heavy metals, cadmium) and toxicity
  • Labeling regulations (e.g. nutritional facts panel changes)
  • Simple, rapid and cost effective evaluation of cereal quality and safety
  • Grain quality testing—determination of flour quality and prediction of baking performance

Providing Transparent and Proactive Science Based Communication

  • Humanizing the food chain (e.g. raising the profile of food processing with emphasis on health and nutrition, sustainability, economics and safety)
  • Communicating the health benefits of grain consumption (e.g. addressing the gluten free trend or fad)
  • Unifying the grains health benefit message
  • Improving communication within marketplace and media to counteract negative perception and be proactive (e.g. GM education)
  • Clean labeling transparency

The work of the Industry Executive Forum and the Scientific Advisory Panel was instrumental in determining these areas of opportunity. The Scientific Advisory Panel regularly monitors key issues and developed a List of Recommended Priorities based on member input which is reflected in the action plan. 

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