About Cereals & Grains Association

Cereals & Grains Association is a global, nonprofit association of nearly 2,000 scientists and food industry professionals working to advance the understanding and knowledge of cereal grain science and its product development applications through research, leadership, education, superior technical service, and advocacy.

Our Vision

To be the global authority in cereal grain science and technology.

Our Mission

Create opportunities for providing and exchanging knowledge and advancing innovations across the broad disciplines of cereal grain science by facilitating research, education, collaboration, technical service, and advocacy efforts.

Connecting Science to Key Issues

  • As industry issues arise, We strive to provide science-based approaches and responses to address current needs. The extensive membership base provides the creative and scientific strength to quickly react and bring together experts in issues at-hand.
  • We were granted observer status with Codex, which ensures that our representatives are in attendance at relevant committee meetings such as those of the Codex Committee for Methods of Analysis and Sampling and that our member comments are recognized.
  • Through its activities in methods validation, We are acknowledged as a scientific authority when proposing definitions and providing comments to regulatory agencies worldwide. Key definitions developed include dietary fiber, whole grain, oat bran, glycemic carbohydrates, and aleurone.
  • We have provided comments on whole grain label statements; proposed guidance on food allergens, food labeling, and nutrition with respect to gluten-free foods; and health claims relating to the consumption of certain oat products to a reduced risk of CHD.
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Delivering Relevant Tools and Resources

Our key strength is providing an avenue for bringing together scientific information and technical research on cereal grains and related materials through its various resources. Members belong to Cereals & Grains Association to keep up-to-date on key issues through meetings and publications as well as to have opportunities for professional growth and networking with their peers. Key offerings include:
  • Cereal Chemistry, a journal with peer-reviewed, original research on raw materials, processes, and products utilizing cereals, oilseeds, and pulses as well as analytical procedures and methods in the cereals area. No other journal surpasses it in the quantity and quality of juried, original research.

  • Cereal Foods World (CFW) include feature articles and original research in a multimedia environment that focuses on advances in grain-based food science and the application of these advances on current practices in baking, snack foods, breakfast foods, and other grain-based products.

  • PRESS, offering more than 65 titles on various food science topics and the highly-respected Approved Method of Analysis collection are the key resources published. Some titles are technically focused while others are designed for generalists.

  • The Annual Meeting draws an international audience of more than 1,000 grain-based professionals to discuss key grain science issues. The annual meeting is the primary education and networking event for professionals working in the grain-based foods industry around the world. The annual meeting also features a tradeshow composed of more than 250 exhibits.

  • Continuing education programs offer quality professional development services for food industry professionals at any level in a variety of food-related industries. Courses are designed to increase skills and broaden understanding of grain-based applications.

  • Our website (www.aaccnet.org) offers members the opportunity to obtain information and resources in one common location. The website features more than 40 years of searchable Cereal Chemistry abstracts, an online catalog of books, special reports, calendar of events, online symposia, and a searchable directory is always available to find members by geographic region or area of expertise.

  • Our members work together on various initiatives through technical and administrative committees. Committee participants help identify emerging issues and create definitions for critical industry ingredients, as well as investigate and validate analytical methodology.

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