Cereals & Grains Association Update

We are now entering the transition phase of our new name, Cereals & Grains Association, and, over the course of the next year, you will see AACCI — Cereals & Grains Association used in communications while the new brand is being developed. You can expect to see the full brand launch at Cereals & Grains 19 in Denver. Here are a few points to assist you in communications over the next year:

  • The transitional logo (above) will serve as the primary, visual reference to the organization in promotions and correspondence.
  • When referencing the full name of the organization in copy, it should be written as follows: AACCI — Cereals & Grains Association
  • We do not plan to abbreviate Cereals & Grains Association as CGA, C&GA, or C&G
  • The AACC Approved Methods name will remain unchanged. Because this is a publication, changing the name will result in a loss of reference in Codex. The full name and ownership going forward will be: AACC Approved Methods of Analysis, 11th Edition, produced by the Technical Committee of Cereals & Grains Association. For ease in writing copy, it is not necessary to include “11th Edition” in the description.
  • The Laboratory Proficiency Program is the new name of the umbrella covering Check Sample. Both will be considered a product of Cereals & Grains Association along with all other products
  • Website copy will be updated as quickly as possible to include the new name. We will do our best to work quickly and update the site with the new, transitional name.

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