Current Check Sample Subscribers


The AACC International website provides the tools for Check Sample subscribers to utilize all the benefits of the program.

Access tools for Check Sample Schedule, Result Entry, and Check Sample Results using the links shown below.  


The Check Sample Breakdown Schedule includes the following information:

  • Sample mailing dates
  • Due dates for reporting results
  • Result availability dates
  • Frequency of the check sample (monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly)
  • Coding information for the specific sample sent, applicable to the time period

The overall Check Sample Schedule is also available to determine important dates in chronological order.

2017 Check Sample Breakdown Schedule 
2018 Check Sample Breakdown Schedule 

2017 Check Sample Schedule 
2018 Check Sample Schedule 

Result Entry

AACCI Check Sample subscribers can submit results online. Subscribers to check sample E can fill out a worksheet to submit results.

Check Sample Results

AACCI Check Sample results are available for subscribers to view at their convenience. The results are sorted by check sample type and the month in which results are due. Subscribers are identified by their unique and confidential subscriber ID, which is updated regularly to ensure subscriber anonymity. 

New Subscriber Book

The New Subscriber Book is provided to all new subscribers, and provides important information about the program, as well as FAQs, and a change of address form.  

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