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collapse Foundation Board
The purpose of the Foundation is to support a scholarship program for the Association and any other special activities that meet the Association objectives, but which are outside the normal operating budget.

Chair: Deirdre E. Ortiz, Kellogg Co.
Member: Sajid Alavi, Kansas State University
Member: Lauren Brewer, General Mills
Member: Jeff L. Casper, Mill City Food Solutions, LLC
Member: D'Anne M. Hayman, Kellogg Co.
Member: Huifen He, Traditional Medicinals
Member: Alessandra Marti, DeFENS University of Milan
Ex-Officio: Dave L. Braun, Firebird Artisan Mills
Ex-Officio: Sean M. Finnie, Bay State Milling
Ex-Officio: Amy L. Hope, AACC International

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