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collapse Approved Methods Technical Leadership Committee
Chair: Anne R. Bridges, AACC Intl
Vice Chair: Paul Wehling
Member: Byung-Kee Baik, USDA ARS
Member: Clothilde Baker, Campden BRI
Member: Andreia Bianchini, University of Nebraska
Member: Jayne E. Bock, University of Guelph
Member: Connie E. Briggs, Univ of Saskatchewan, Crop Dev Ctr
Member: Larisa Lara Cato, Australian Export Grains Innovation Ctr
Member: Stuart A. Craig, DuPont Nutrition & Health
Member: Stephen R. Delwiche, USDA ARS
Member: Jonathan W. DeVries, DeVries & Associates
Member: Clyde Don, Foodphysica
Member: Arnaud Dubat, CHOPIN Technologies
Member: Diane L. Gannon, Diane Gannon, LLC
Member: Gary Hou, Wheat Marketing Center
Member: J. Michael Hudson, Lallemand / American Yeast
Member: Padmanaban G. Krishnan, South Dakota State University
Member: Rebecca A. Miller, Kansas State University
Member: Simon Penson, Campden BRI
Member: Kathryn S. Phillips, NP Analytical Laboratories
Member: David W. Plank, Medallion Labs / General Mills
Member: Lisa Povolny, General Mills/Medallion Laboratories
Member: E.B. (Elizabeth) L. Russell, Kemin Food Technologies
Member: Katharina Scherf, Deutsche Forschungsanstalt fur Lebensmittelchemie
Member: Raymond D. Shillito, Bayer CropScience LP
Member: Michael J. Sissons, Tamworth Agricultural Institute
Member: Elaine J. Sopiwnyk, Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI)
Member: Edmund J. Tanhehco, The Mennel Milling Company
Member: Michael Tilley, USDA ARS CGAHR
Member: Ning Wang, Canadian Grain Commission
Board Liaison, Ex-Officio: Laura M. Hansen, General Mills
Ex-Officio: Karen Ek, AACC International
Ex-Officio: Greg L. Grahek, AACC International
Ex-Officio: Jody A. Grider, AACC International

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