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collapse Food Safety, Quality, & Regulatory Committee (FSQRC)
This committee includes driving change and acceptance in the global food and beverage industry that will lead to audit equivalency thus redundancy, transparency between audit schemes and food regulations, and harmonization between audits and regulations.

Chair: Barbara B. Heidolph
Member: Deann Akins-Lewenthal, Ardent Mills
Member: Curtis E. Anderson, Siemer Milling Company
Member: Tandace A. Bell, USDA GIPSA
Member: Bill Besson, Chelsea Milling Co
Member: Andreia Bianchini, University of Nebraska
Member: Tom H. Black, Ardent Mills
Member: Gina M. Clapper, US Pharmacopeial Convention
Member: Jodi L. Cole, Siemer Milling Company
Member: Kia Compton, ICiX North America
Member: Kaydi Decker, Batory Foods
Member: Joel W. Dick
Member: Janet K. Funke, General Mills
Member: Ellen B. Gay
Member: Paul Harper, Bartlett Milling Co
Member: Gary Heiserman, ICL Performance Products
Member: Joe Horton, Dakota Specialty Milling
Member: Charles R. Hurburgh, Jr., Iowa State University
Member: Laurie A. Hutton
Member: Scott Jensen, McShares
Member: Janice M. Levenhagen
Member: Yan Li, Kellogg Co.
Member: Dirk E. Maier, Iowa State University
Member: Susan E. Martell, Bay State Milling Company
Member: Brian McKim, Chelsea Milling Co
Member: Lindsey R. Mullenbach, Grain Millers, Inc.
Member: Maureen C. Olewnik, Kansas State University
Member: Nicole M. Rees, AB Mauri
Member: Jennifer S. Robinson, Bay State Milling Company
Member: Celetta Lee Sanders, American Bakers Association
Member: Matthew Smith, ICiX North America
Member: Robert A. Sombke, North Dakota Mill & Elevator
Member: Karina Spencer, Star of the West Milling Co
Member: Gretchen M. Stewart, Great Plains Analytical Laboratory
Member: Melonie Stoughton-Ens, Canadian Grain Commission
Member: Nick Weigel, ADM Milling Co.
Member: Lori A. Wilson, Kellogg Company
Member: Rasma Zvaners, American Bakers Assoc

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