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collapse China Strategies Task Force
This Task Force is asked to investigate, develop, and recommend strategies that will help build relationships between AACCI and the various cereal and grain science sectors in China.

Cochair: Robert L. Cracknell, Crackers Consulting
Cochair: Maureen C. Olewnik
Member: Jinsong Bao, Zhejiang University
Member: Stephane Cochet, Chopin Technologies
Member: Robert G. Gilbert, University of Queensland
Member: Weining Huang, Jiangnan University
Member: Hongxin Jiang, Ingredion
Member: Yulai Jin, Kellogg Co - WKKI
Member: Ning Li, PhD, GZ Puratos Food CY LTD
Member: Keshun Liu, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service
Member: Qiao-Quan Liu, PhD, Yangzhou University
Board Liaison, Ex-Officio: Robert L. Cracknell, Crackers Consulting

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