Graduate Fellowship Program

Graduate fellowships up to $3,000 will be available for
2016-2017 school year.

These fellowships are supported by endowment funds of the AACCI Foundation, annual contributions by companies and AACCI divisions. Graduate Student awards are paid directly to the winners in September after AACCI receives verification of registration for the fall semester or quarter from the appropriate department head.

Any graduate student fellowship to which the recipient would otherwise have been entitled shall be paid in the regular amount, and no diminution of it because of receiving an AACCI Fellowship shall be permitted.

Purpose of the Awards:

The purpose of the fellowship program is to encourage graduate research in grain-based food science and technology. Research in such disciplines as genetics, horticulture, nutrition, microbiology, biochemistry, engineering, or chemistry is not eligible unless it is directly related to the student's primary research program dealing with a grain-based food science and technology related areas.

Eligibility Requirements:

The general eligibility requirements for applicants for all fellowships are:

  1. Applicants must be a current AACCI Student Member.
  2. The candidate must be enrolled in graduate studies by the time the fellowship becomes effective, or be a current graduate student pursuing a course of study leading to an MS or a Ph.D. degree.
  3. The educational institution in which the recipient is enrolled must be conducting fundamental investigations for the advancement of cereal science and technology, including oilseeds.
  4. A fellowship recipient becomes ineligible for further payments when all requirements for the degree for which the fellowship was awarded have been completed, or if, during the tenure of the fellowship, the student discontinues or substantially changes the research program proposed in the fellowship application. It is the separate responsibility of both the student and the appropriate department head to notify the AACCI Foundation within thirty (30) days of any such change.
  5. The recipient must be enrolled in an academic schedule that meets the minimum requirements of the university involved, for full-time graduate study.
  6. Age, sex, race, financial need, or previous receipt or non-receipt of an AACCI scholarship or fellowship are not conditions of eligibility for any award.
  7. The value or terms of any award are subject to change upon agreement with the donor.

Application Procedures 

(the 2016 application process is now closed)

Graduate Student Fellowship Application

Applications, completed as required, must be e-mailed to AACCI Foundation Headquarters on or before March 4, 2016 to be considered. All application materials (excluding recommendation letters) must be submitted as a single .pdf file. Recommendation letters must be sent under separate cover by the letter writer as a single. pdf file to AACCI Foundation Headquarters. Application file names must include your full name with "2016AACCIGSF" to follow. (reference this example: TOMSMITH2016AACCIGSF) An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you within 72 hours of receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation that your application was received, please contact AACCI Foundation Headquarters at or by calling +1.651.994.3808.

All information requested in the application must be provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Do not submit more than is requested. Use only the space provided on the application form. Do not retype the form, submit continuation pages, or use any reverse sides. Applications will be sent to each member of the AACCI selection jury for review. Material in excess of that requested will not be included.

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