2007 Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Alex Anton
University of Manitoba
$2,000 AACCI Bill Doty Endowment

Jayne Bock
University of Manitoba, Canada
$2,000 Charles Becker Graduate Fellowship

Ramakanth Jonnala
Kansas State University
$3,000 AACCI Milling & Baking Division M. Rella Dwyer Graduate Fellowship

Carolina Rosa
University of Manitoba
$2,000 AACCI Raymond J. Tarleton Graduate Fellowship

Debora Saibene
Penn State University
$2,000 National Starch & Chemical Co. Graduate Fellowship

Vivek Sharma
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
$3,000 Anheuser-Busch/Campbell Taggert Graduate Fellowship Endowment

2007 Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Jenna Drinkwater
University of Saskatchewan
$1,000 AACCI Flavor & Food Ingredients Division Scholarship

Foundation Awardees 2007