Texture Technologies Quality Research Award


The Texture Technologies Quality Research Award will be awarded annually to two authors who write and present high quality research which broadly involves instrumental texture analysis. The objective of the award is to increase awareness among professors and students of the importance of publishing impactful research in sufficient, high-quality detail that allows fellow researchers to replicate and build upon the work.

The two-part award includes recognition for both AACCI published research and oral or poster presentations. The Best Paper Award will be selected from Cereal Chemistry or Cereal Foods World from the previous year. The Best Presentation Award will have presented an oral or poster at the current year AACCI annual meeting. Submitted papers and posters will be judged by the Texture Technologies Award Committee and awarded during the AACCI annual meeting.

Each award will consist of an engraved plaque and a $1,000 award honorarium.

Nomination Process

Submit nominations using the online nomination form.  

Award Recipients

2016 Best Paper Padmanaban G. Krishnan, Melanie Caffé-Treml, Karl D. Glover, Julie Y. Kindelspire
2015 Best Presentation Kaliramesh Siliveru
2014 Best Paper Kurt Rosentrater
2013 Best Presentation Daiva Daugelaite
2012 Best Presentation Zorba Josué Hernández Estrada, Juan de Dios Figueroa Cárdenas
2012 Best Paper Privat Lasme

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