2016 Texture Technologies Quality Research Awardees



Dr. Julie Kindelspire, Ph.D.  Cereal Chemist, Post Cereal, Arkansas
Dr. Melanie Caffe Treml, Ph.D. Oat Breeder, South Dakota State University
Dr. Karl Glover, Ph.D.  Spring Wheat Breeder, South Dakota State University
Dr. Padmanaban (Padu) Krishnan, Ph.D. Cereal Chemist, South Dakota State University

The paper “Dough Strain Hardening Properties as Indicators of Baking Performance” discusses the importance of bread loaf volume as an economic criterion. The authors describe the relationship between the strain hardening index and baking performance. The study identified the extensibility parameters that contribute to the strain hardening index. Congratulations, to the team from South Dakota State University!


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