Maria Ambrogina Pagani


M. Ambrogina Pagani is a Professor at the Department of Food, Environmental, and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Milan, where she graduated and started her career in 1977. She teaches courses in cereal processing, unit operations and food microstructure at undergraduate and graduate levels. She advised more than 60 MS students and 7 PhD students, and mentored 10 post-doctoral students. Many of them are currently working in food industries around Europe.

Her research has been oriented towards understanding the technologically induced modifications of the relevant macromolecules of cereals in their transformation processes. In the sector of durum wheat pasta, she investigated phenomena that were relevant to the cooking behavior and the heat-damage during the drying steps. Other relevant topics are the development of gluten-free products and the exploitation of milling by-products.

She is the author of more than 100 journal papers and 10 book chapters.

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