Edith A. Christensen Award for Outstanding Contributions in Analytical Methodology


In recognition of the central role that analytical methodology and approved methods have played in the history of AACCI and their future importance, the Edith A. Christensen Award for Outstanding Contributions in Analytical Methodology was created to recognize scientific contributions in analytical methodology, and service to the society through approved methods leadership. The award consists of a plaque and a $1,500 honorarium. Awardees will have the option to present a lecture during an annual meeting of the Association at which the award is presented.


The recipient must have contributed to the development of new analytical technologies, and/or the application of new analytical technologies to cereal grains and products, and/or the application of existing analytical technologies to solving detection and measurement problems in the field of cereal science.

The recipient must have demonstrated involvement and leadership in approved methods activity within AACCI.

Membership in AACCI is required.

Nomination Process is closed.

Submit nominations using the online nomination form. The nomination deadline was January 31, 2017 and is now closed.

Nomination packets should also include the following:

  • Packet must include a letter of nomination detailing the nominee's accomplishments in analytical methodology and the approved methods process.
  • Two letters of support for the nominee must be submitted.   

 Award Winners

2005 Edith A. Christensen
2006 Philip C. Williams
2007 Charles Gaines
2008 Barry McCleary
2009 Jon DeVries
2010 John MacDonald
2011 Janette Gelroth
2012 Terry Nelsen
2013 Stephen Delwiche
2014 Elaine Sopiwnyk
2015 Nancy Ames
2016 Wayne Moore
2017 Paul Wehling


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