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Continuing Education offered through AACCI offers relevant, engaging and high quality science
from top-notch professional industry experts. Throughout the year, various programs are held
around the world to provide a platform for education on areas of cereal grain science. 

We develop courses that will meet the varied needs of scientists and professionals in a variety
of roles throughout the cereal grain science industry.


 Methods in Action – Practical Baking Quality Workshop

All major global manufacturers together to present AACC approved methods in this practical, hand’s on workshop / seminar. Following the methods through the Grain Chain relevant to research and professional organizations.

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 Enzymes in Cereal Grains and Cereal-Based Foods Short Course

This one-day course is designed to cover an overview of the current usage of enzymes in the baking industry. It will inform the audience with the newest applications and hold an open dialogue about the current concerns with the use of enzymes in baking applications.

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 Chemical Leavening Short Course

This two-day course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of leavening agents and systems and their interactions with other ingredients. It will cover a review of the formulation of chemically leavened baked goods including specialty products targeted towards health. Participants will gain skills that can be used immediately to improve existing products and create new ones.

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