Batters and Breadings



What will Attendees Learn?

  • Learn about the components, mixing and applications of batter and breading systems
  • Understand the role of seasoning/flavoring
  • Different effects of flours
  • Role of leavening systems
  • Starch/hydrocolloid functionality
  • Difference in finishing processes/frying/oven systems
  • Understand how to design a batter and breading system for a new product

Course Director: Erik Shinsanto, Ingredion Incorporated

This course will help you understand the basics of batter and breading technologies and discover new advances in the field. Leading academic and industry professionals will address ingredient, product, and process technologies and provide a unique blend of scientific principles, practical applications, problem-solving and equipment demonstrations -- including the popular, interactive “Iron Frymaster Competition!” Troubleshooting will be emphasized with discussions focused on product samples illustrating various defects. Registrants are encouraged to participate in discussions and bring current working problems to class for instructor and class help.   

Who Should Attend? 
This course is designed for food scientists, technologists, technical managers, and production personnel who are, or are expected to become, involved with battered and breaded products, including new product development, quality assurance, process supervision, and troubleshooting. It will be equally helpful for non-technical managers who need a basic understanding of the technical complexity of the subject.   





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