Cehmical Leavening



Course Director

Barbara Heidolph Chemical Leavening Director

Barbara Heidolph,  Innophos Inc.




 What will Attendees Learn?

  • Learn about the acid and gas source components of chemical leavening systems
  • Discover how to alter chemical leavening systems to enhance desirable product characteristics
  • Explore the stability of chemical leavening agents under varying conditions
  • Identify the limits of the effects of chemical leavening on products
  • Understand how to design a chemical leavening system for a new product


Increase your knowledge of chemical leavening systems so you can improve existing products and create new ones. This course is the most comprehensive course of its kind devoted entirely to leavening agents and their functions and is taught by experienced representatives and consultants from the major ingredient and bakery technology companies. It allows ample time for questions,
answers and discussion of issues.

Who Should Attend? 
This course is designed for anyone who is interested in, or responsible for, the use of leavening agents in baked products, dough and mixes, including product developers, quality control personnel, process designers and food technologists interested in this area.





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