Course Directors

Art Bettge, ADB Wheat Consulting

Art Bettge,
ADB Wheat Consulting

 Jayne Bock, C. W. Brabender Instruments, Inc.

Jayne Bock,
Instruments, Inc.


The knowledge provided in this course will:

  • Help food technologists better and more rapidly transition from a food science background to a more focused cereal chemistry knowledge base to enhance their job performance
  • Provide perspectives useful in QA, R&D and production
  • Inform attendees relative to product and instrumentation specification and meaningful data interpretation.

This 3-day course will provide a comprehensive technical overview of cereal grain science to food
technologists who have basic knowledge of food and the principals underlying the chemistry and 
biochemistry of food production. We'll provide attendees with a solid background in the origin, differences and attributes of cereal grains, and how to leverage that knowledge to further job performance in a new, more focused field (cereal chemistry) beyond general food science.

When complications arise within the plant, having a fundamental knowledge of what's going on with
a major ingredient -- how it interacts with other ingredients to debug the system and fix the issues -- prepares scientists to better and more economically do their job and solve problems. Possessing a fundamental understanding of the grain that's going to go into your new product will help you make informed guesses about what's going on. In short, if you're able to analyze what's
going into your product you should be able to achieve better quality at a reduced cost.






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