AACCI-ICC Collaboration

Update — October 2015

An Update from 2015 Centennial Meeting

At the 2015 AACCI Centennial Meeting, significant strides were made toward a plan of collaboration. The first step is to create a platform to accelerate collaboration to advance knowledge, create a world-wide network of experts, develop global standards and analytical methods, and inform regulatory policy and research funding.

Update — June 2015

AACCI-ICC Collaboration Updates Shared in Paris

The Working Groups and Steering Committee of the AACCI-ICC Collaboration effort met together in Paris last week, during the Dietary Fiber Conference, to share progress on their targeted activities. The meeting provided helpful interactions, and the engagement of the working groups was very effective. AACCI and ICC reinvigorated their collaborations to better meet members’ current and future needs, as well as to enhance the advancement of the cereal grain scientific community. The groups will reconvene at the AACCI Centennial Meeting. Stay tuned for future updates.

October 2014

AACCI-ICC Collaboration Announced at Annual Meeting

In an effort to better meet AACCI members’ current and future needs, as well as the advancement of the cereal grain scientific community, AACCI and the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC) have reinvigorated collaboration between the two organizations. Joint working groups have been established and will be convening over the next two years to assess potential opportunities and challenges. AACCI is excited to explore the harmonization of efforts with ICC, and updates will be provided in the months to come.

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