Rice Milling Quality Course

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Course Director

 Wang Ya Jane informal

Ya-Jane Wang
Professor, Department of Food Science, University of Arkansas



 What will Attendees Learn?

  • Understanding of unique characteristics of rice as a food product and ingredients
  • Knowledge of rice production and post-harvest processing
  • Understanding of rice milling and how rice processing is unique among cereal grains


Rice is one of the leading food crops in the world, nutritious, versatile, and gluten-free. The functional properties of rice are affected by the milling process. Using a mix of lecture and lab work, this course will provide information and hands-on experience about the processing steps of milling and determination of milling degree. The structure and composition of a rice kernel and the physicochemical properties of kernel constituents will also be discussed.

Who Should Attend? 
This workshop is designed for rice processors, food scientists and technologists who wish to learn rice milling and its impact on rice properties in food product development. Academicians, researchers and producers will all benefit from participating in this one-day educational opportunity.






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